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Vol 11, No 2 (2018) : พฤษภาคม-สิงหาคม 2561

Design and Development of the Moofoy Fryer Machine3

จงกล สุภารัตน์, กุณฑล ทองศรี, ศิริชัย ต่อสกุล, อรุณรักษ์ ดีราชรัมย์


Moofoy frying machine is designed and built for the purpose of developing and studying process in frying moofoy in order to ensure a good quality, convenience, and reduce workforce and cost in producing fried moofoy. The machine will be used in small to medium enterprise and transform mofoy in order to sell them. Prototype of the machine comprises a machine frame, an oil pot with 300 mm in dimeter and 200 mm in depth, a deep fly sieve with 240 mm in dimeter and 170 mm in depth. The stirring blade has 220 mm radius. It used 25 W motor as a driving force and heater from the gas LPG. The machine works by pouring oil into the pot and open the fire. When the oil is hot at the setting temperature the moofoy are poured into the oil. The experiment shows that the prototype machine can work best when temperature of the oil is at 121-130 ˚C with frying oil filtration. The machine can fry up to 3 kg of moofoy within 16 minute the reused oil could be done up to 13 time while maintaining polar substances at 25% or less Therefore yielding fried shallots with good quality and safe to consumers is obtained. 3



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